Methods Workshop: Applying Ethnographic Thinking in Practice
Four 3/4-day modules (can be scheduled in succession, in divided into 2 sessions)

The Methods workshop focuses on active application of ethnographic thinking in the field. Exercises are designed to build skills in participatory learning, deep listening, ef-fective facilitation, and data hygiene. Mastering these skills also helps participants ap-preciate calculated risk taking, learning from failure, using open communication, and applying ongoing reflection in their work.

Jumping In
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Saying “Yes”
• On (Not) Going Native
• Using Emotional Intelligence
• Ethnographic Understandings of Organizational Behavior
• Field Exercise: Participatory Observation (work as a trainee)*
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 2:
Listening Deeply
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Listening in Layers
• Anticipatory Listening
• Reading Context and Forming a Bond through Dialog
• Identifying Patterns and Understanding Motivations
• Field Exercise: Conduct an Interview (using provided discussion guide)
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 3:
Facilitating Tactfully
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• On the Fly
• Managing the Flow of Interactions
• Leadership and Diplomacy
• Interpretive Value & Productive Provocations
• Field Exercise: Give a Tour (of your Workplace)*
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 4:
Documenting Diligently
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Writing Field notes
• Seeing Differently
• The Advantages of Data Overload
• Scope and Scale
• Field Exercise: Three Takes on Observation (written, audio, visuals)*
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications