Influence Workshop: Getting Traction
Three 3/4-day modules

The Influence workshop focuses on using holistic thinking, strategic applications, and storytelling to move ideas from prototype to marketplace. With a focus on internal communications, these modules help participants learn to frame (or reframe) complex systems, develop and share holistic perspectives, challenge assumptions, cross-pollinate ideas between differing viewpoints, broaden perspectives, and advocate for empirically-rooted points of view. Exercises in this workshop include activities that build on previous workshops and applying skills directly to participants’ workplace set-tings.

Day 1:
Thinking Holistically
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Cultural Constellations
• Ad Hoc Anthropology
• The Order of Logics
• Re-Imagining Systems
• Workshop Exercise: Sketch it Out (creating visual frameworks of complex systems)
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 2:
Strategizing Selectively
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Re-defining Contexts
• The Ethnography of Everything
• Unearthing Commonalities
• Audience-ing Insights
• Workshop Exercise: Looking In (identifying promising pathways and potential road-blocks within the organization/company culture)
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 3:
Enlisting Stories
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• The Power of Mini Narratives
• Scanning for Opportunities
• The Importance of Metaphor
• Inspiring Solutions
• Workshop Exercise: Story Experiments (adapting narratives: elevator, water-cooler, pitch)
• Share-out, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications