Analysis Workshop: Developing Actionable Insights
Three 3/4-day modules

The Analysis workshop provides participants with the tools they need to get from fieldwork to insights. Using field data from the Mindset and Methods workshops (or sample data from participants’ own work), these modules provide the essential analy-sis techniques necessary to optimize for relevant and actionable insights. Participants move through three main phases of analysis: understand, build, and realize, as they take on different mindsets (e.g., detective, inventor, architect, etc.) to make sense of their data. In addition to productively moving from data to insights, participants devel-op skills in shifting perspective, adjusting the scope and scale of their challenge, ap-preciation for other viewpoints, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Day 1:
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Describe like a Screenwriter
• Interpret like a Detective
• Discover like an Archaeologist
• Exercises*
• Download data
• Identify patterns
• Discover themes
• Reflections, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 2:
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Argue like an Attorney
• Situate like a Sociologist
• Fantasize like an Inventor
• Exercises*
• Develop Insights
• Create Frameworks
• Identify Opportunity Areas
• Reflections, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications

Day 3:
• Topic Overview and Discussion
• Delineate like an Architect
• Go Wild like a Child
• Shape like a Sculptor
• Exercises*
• Form Design Principles
• Generate Ideas to fulfill Design Principles
• Create Prototypes
• Reflections, Challenges, Take-aways, Applications